Friday, August 5, 2016

The turbine whines and other progress on RGS #20

Bob has been busy over the past few months.  Issues with the cab was worked out so it would fit over the boiler jacket, the compressor and turbine was machined and made operational.

The 20's cab has a hidden steel frame to allow the roof and rear wall to be removed during operation.  The 20 is a replica of the prototype with some modifications since she is a working locomotive.

The cab mounted on the locomotive.

Lettering of the cab per the prototype.

The doors reversed to show the interior color of the cab is the same green as the prototype.

The running boards are mounted.  She is beginning to look like herself.

The single lung air compressor is hung on the side of the locomotive boiler.

This compressor is quite heavy.  Unlike most model locomotives, this compressor really compresses air and is not for pumping water into the boiler.  Air is used mainly to operate the train brakes.  Other applications would be the bell ringer and sanders but due to their relative small size, those will not be made operational.

The turbo-generator.  Bob worked hard on this machining the parts and balancing it.  The generator part is actually a model airplane engine which should generate around 2 volts or so, enough to power the lights all over the locomotive.

Little other progress has been made on the railroad over the past few months.  The engine house wiring has been completed inside and the wires run all the way up along the bridge to the outlet at the turnout switch.  The remaining conduit and wiring will be done after the old wood and tracks at the end of the bridge in front of the barn is removed.  Then I can bury the conduit and run the wires underneath the concrete pad which will replace most of the wood to promote drainage at this location.