Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Ballasting the engine house House Tracks with RGS #11 and EBT #988

The first week of June, 2015 saw some action on the RGS using the new East Broad Top hopper #988 built by Adam Wright of Michigan.  One thing I learned is I need to meter how much ballast dumps.  The spreader tie which rides ahead of the rear truck needs to be made of a 4 by 6.  Also, I need to dump from the back to the front as the other chutes act as dams too.  And I am also thinking I will place 2 by 4 blocks in the chutes above the doors to keep ballast from dumping on the rails which would give a more even spread when pulled.

RGS #11 awaits assignment over the inspection pit

Number 11 fresh out of the shop pulls the fully loaded 988.

First service of the 988.

Ballast Extra (yes, the white lights are on the class lights.)

Setting up the pull.

Number 11 with new paint and parts.

Train passing engine house


Ready to pull

Dumping, with tie to spread.  Need a larger tie next time.

Ballasted track.

Ballasted past the House track switch

Dressed and ready.  Actually the tracks will continue to need to be aligned and leveled.

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