Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Automatic Air Brakes installation on RGS #11 and 988

The weekend of June 13th I managed to construct and install the new air brake valves and hoses onto the #11 locomotive since she has an air compressor and reservoir on board and was already set up for automatic air brakes.

The new hoses have 2.5" scale glad hands which functions like the prototype.

East Broad Top #988 was delivered with working automatic air brakes.  It only needed the hoses.

The other rolling stock, some of which already has air brakes, will be getting set up to use these style hoses and valves.  The 1.5" scale stuff such as the 0300, 0301 and 302 gondolas, the beam riding car and so on, the valve will be place after the 45 degree elbow so the hose does not stick out quite so far.

Front of the #11.  Had to drill through the steps and anticlimber (1/2" steel frame) to run the pipe under the locomotive.

Rear of the #11's engineer car coupled to the #988 hopper.

Air brake hose loops under the coupler.

A decent view of hose the glad hands couple up.  If the car separates from the adjacent car or locomotive, the hoses separate and the brakes all come on.

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