Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Engine House Progress

Through the hot month of July, the work progressed.  The roof is complete and the front doors hung.  Up next, the ash pit needs to be cast.

Completed roof.

Front of the building

Front of the building.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Engine House Progress

Through the spring, I have been busy working on the Engine House among all my other chores and projects.

The building was sheathed and the roof readied to install.  The metal roofing was custom cut for the building.

The sun rise is a symbol I have used for the farm and is fitting with the Rio Grande Southern which last herald used on their equipment was called the Sunrise Herald.  Here is the smaller "man-door" which allows access to the rear of the building.

The main doors at the front of the building show here along with half the metal roofing installed.  The front eaves will match the back as well but I wanted to do the side (back) which showed FIRST.

The clouds around the sun were added.

The final pieces is the drip edge and the "sky cap" with the star corner block and the "moon knob."  This, as you can see in the prior photo, covers the ends of the vents and the details at the end of the building.  The engine house with the steep pitched roof and decorative ends almost has a Swiss Alpine quality to it.  Well, it is up near the house and so I want it to look really nice.  And to protect the equipment from the weather, animals, insects and falling limbs.

D&RGW 4686 parked outside on the mainline for prospective.  The building is 5' wide and 20' long.  It is stained with deck stain to match the deck on the house.  It also causes this building to blend in with the scenery.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Engine House Progress

Engine House - April 1, 2014

Roof trusses are now going up.  I am leaving a fair amount of room in the attic space so I can install equipment up in the space above.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Engine House Progress

Engine house walls going up

Almost done with the walls.

The 2 stall engine house is progressing nicely with the warmer, drier weather we had in the late winter.  The engine house is located to the right of the crossing to reduce the overall impact of the view from the rear of the house.

Track one, closest to the upper mainline with the #11 and 4616 parked on it, will be connected first as track two will have the ash pit / inspection pit to allow the #20 to operate out of this building.

This engine house is the most important project going on with the railroad right now since it will house the motive power and the 159 reefer once it's completed.  Those machines are best kept under shelter to keep them operational and out of the weather.

Once the engine house is completed, the siding and spur below this building will be built, the tracks graded to the proper grade (hopefully using the 988.)  The other tracks will be redone as new walls are built.  Eventually the tracks will be started building up around the coop as well as down the hill.  I might relocate the #10 and a large flat built from one of the frames on hand to the upper tracks to help build down the hill towards the rest of the railroad from up near the rock pile and wood splitting spur, railroad unloading track area, etc.

As the summer warms up, the rolling stock rehab and construction will resume in the air conditioned section of the barn.