Wednesday, September 25, 2013

EBT 988 Delayed delivery

The new East Broad Top 3-bay extended side hopper #988 will be delayed for a little over a month due to issues which arose during assembly (started to twist.)  I told Adam I wanted him to take the time necessary to get it right.  The car should soon have all its body built.  It will then need to be sand blasted and then a bed liner applied to the inside to protect it from all the rock it will handle.  The outside needs plenty of paint to protect it and then it will be lettered.

Under the car the trucks will receive brakes and then all the brake rigging and associated parts installed.

The completed car we are hoping will be able to be run at the Grasshopper Short Line in early November.  Adam will bring the 944 with him as well and we have the go ahead from Don Orr to perhaps even demo using the cars ballasting track.  I think it will be interesting to have such cars on hand there.  I do plan on also taking the 4616 and 4686 flat cars, the 159 refrigerator car (if I get it done enough to take) and the #11 locomotive.

Work is expected to commence this weekend on the engine house with the nice, cool and dry weather continuing.  I should be able to get a truckload of ballast delivered early next week to allow me to continue to work on this building and the tracks leading into it.  I hope to have it done over the winter.  At least the weather seems to be cooperating, if only my pocketbook will cooperate too.

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