Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wooden Retaining Wall replacement

It was decided that the wooden retaining wall between Bridge 1A (the Dogwood Bridge) and Wood Spur Switch was rotting away in spots which was causing the tracks to sag and shift.  A new permanent wall was in order and by removing the top courses of the wooden wall allows the tracks to be moved farther away from the spur track which improves the tracking on the 2.5% grade and cut down on the flange binding.

The lower course of the wall is set in place (dug into the hillside) and then back-filled with ballast.
Then the wall is back-filled with ballast.

The wall going up

More wall stones head out on the rails.

Now that the wall is stacked, it's time to remove the rail to realign it.

Rails are pulled out.  Ties set aside.

New rails (straight) are put in and alternating plastic and wood ties.

Tracks are completed.

Train on the rebuilt mainline parked at Wood Spur Switch.

Looking down over Dogwood Bridge 1A towards the new alignment over the fill.
 Also check out the new signal head on the bridge switch.  Early in the fall of 2012, the electronics controlling the switch was replaced.  It also allowed me to test the new design which allows me to select routes.

The space between old and new wall is to be back-filled with ballast.  The top course of the old wooden wall (rotted) is removed.

Frosty morning on the RGS

Dogwood tree pops up through the wall.

The new alignment of the mainline.  Plastic ties installed periodically to help the old wooden ties (which were in fine shape) maintain perfect alignment.  Near the drain close to the end of 0300 I used all plastic ties because of the moisture.

Train parked on the mainline.

Early winter morning showing the resulting wall.

The new retaining wall.  Almost completed.  Just some more ballast for the wall and tracks and it's done.

The new retaining wall - all 120+ blocks of it.

The wall wraps around the bridge abutment to reinforce the wooden wall.
One of the old panels stacked to the side to be used down the hill on what I believe will end up as a new run-around.
 Up next is doing the same thing to Wood Spur near the wood stove where the wall has already collapsed.  This will give me more of the real rock to use to continue the wall separating the spur and mainline.  A section of rail in this track is also needing replacement.

Additional notes (05-APR-2013) - the Wood Spur tracks will be realigned as well to reduce the curvature on the 5% between the turnout switch and to the right of the tree above.  The track has already been seperating as it tries to straighten the curve with the heavy trains taking the curve.  Also, most of the Sprall Joints will be switched to fish plates to prevent movement.  On the curves I might take more of an approach like this leaving the joints which can expand and contract to straighter sections of track.

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  1. thanks for the update, always enjoy reading and seeing what you are doing on your railroad, gives me some inspiration to do some work on mine. I have similar issues, I have a grade and a creek to deal with, and then trying to do it on shoe string budget.