Wednesday, August 29, 2012

RGS #11 back in service

Rio Grande Southern #11 rolled out of the shop this past weekend.  The electrical system was tweaked and lights made to work.  The horn which had fallen apart was replaced with a motorcycle horn mounted up behind the front hood above the chain drive to the driveline from the transmission.

The biggest change has been the painting and letting of the locomotive.  The Rio Grande Southern herald is the same as my namesake railroad in Colorado.  It looks small on this locomotive but both the #10 and the #11 will get the same treatment and these smaller herald fit on that locomotive better than a larger one.

Number plates for both locomotives are on order to hopefully arrive in September.  The #11 also has a brake kit on order from Cannonball which will be installed under the engineer's seat.

Rear end of locomotive - even numbers on the end.

Front of the #11 - shop picture

Number plate still on order.  The lights all work, including the dome light on top which flashes.

Side profile

The "F" stands for Front (of the locomotive.)

Rio Grande Southern Sunrise Herald and locomotive number.

Number 11 and engineer's car.

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