Wednesday, August 8, 2012

RGS #0300 and 0301 back in service

RGS #0300 rolled out of the shop this past weekend and the 0301 went in to get the lettering and numbers applied.  It emerged Monday with the lettering applied and was coupled to its sister car.  They will be used for construction of new track this fall (after the temps and HUMIDITY deminishes.)

302 will remain a yellow car and will remain in locomotive service as a compressor / engineman's car for locomotive #10.  It will also serve as the tool car for the contruction trains.  The flats will handle the buckets of ballast, the gons 0300 and 0301 will handle ties and when available, a new EBT hopper will be purchased and used for final ballasting.

RGS 0300 and 0301 in Extra Train #11

I'll need to come up with the ideal way to connect the locomotive's safety cable to the car's safety chain.

The red coupler is only marking the coupler I would like to replace.  This one has a busted pin to release the knuckle.  The air hose is connected.  The safety chains are held up but the proper quick links for this chain was not available at the hardware store yet.  (Used bailing wire in the meantime, like my prototype would I'm sure.)

Lettering on the curve.

0300 and 0301 in train X-11 in a light rain

0300 and 0301 in train X-11 in a light rain on the Dogwood Bridge
Up next, the #11 will get some maintenance (new horn, new switches, etc.) and a touchup of the paint.  The number will be removed to be replace with the proper railroad sunrise herald and number.  A new number plate for the #11 and the #10 will be arriving sometime soon for the front of the two diesels.  #10 will follow into the shop to get minor mechanical work done and new paint and the same lettering as the #11.

This fall, when the survey of the new route of the tracks is completed, utilizing the newly purchased land next door, construction of Bridge 2A will commence (the bridges from the switchback down to below Pine Hill will start with "2" and be lettered 2A through 2C.  Bridges 2D and 2E are likely not going to be needed now.  Also, I will be removing the car barn switch from the middle of the switchback and use it up above on the "house track" to allow 2 tracks of storage there.  The planned enginehouse / carbarn is now planned to come off of the turntable instead.

A new sign was made up at Tweetside railroad for the Dogwood Bridge.  All bridges on the RGS will get signs like this hopefully.
Train Extra 11 on way to Telluride.  New Bridge 1A "Dogwood" sign on the post.

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