Monday, July 2, 2012

July Update

Work has been commencing in the new garage space of the barn.  Out of the shop to make room for materials was one of the drop arm crossing gates.  This particular gate will be installed here at the crossing for the garage.  The other crossing gate and cross bucks will be located down at the crossing below Pine Hill.

Part of the restoration involved new sealed boxes for the lights (actually holds the flasher and bell.)  It's a tight fit when the arm comes up.  The arm is lowered by an air compressor and air cylinder.

The signals were both in bad shape being out in the weather for 2 decades.  Parts broke off.  Stuff got bent.  In order to prevent additional bending of the cross bucks, I have this signal upside down in the garage.  It too will be restored but stored under wraps until the tracks are completed to the crossing.

RGS 0300, a M.O.W. gondola which will be used to haul ties and ballast is being completed.  The couplers will be mounted once the safety chains are mounted.  The air brakes bypass this car but the air lines are being installed.

Since the 0300 is M.O.W. and so old (and made of wood which is not good for a passenger car) and the trucks are worn out there will be no brakes installed on this car.

The old floor of the 0300 was so badly rotted that the coupler had fallen out and the truck was poking through and while the car was being moved into the garage, the bolster fell off.

100 degree heat this week limits the work which can be done.  The work being done in the garage in the mornings in front of the big fan makes it tollerable.

Reciently completed was the new turnout switch for what was supposed to have been the car barn but will instead be a couple storage tracks.  A new roundhouse structure will be built into the hill to the left of the garage which will also involve more pipe and filling in the ditch between the roundhouse and the turntable at the end of the two tracks here at Telluride.  The electronics for this switch still needs to be made which will also control signals.  This switch will also be installed 20' higher up the hill on the switchback.

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