Friday, May 11, 2012

May's mutterings

Telluride Location
The past 2 months continue to devote time to the barn's rebuild.  The garage is completed except for the painting and final attaching the metal roof to the wooden substructure.

Inside the "garage" is 20' of track where equipment can be brought in and stored or even repaired.  Outside the barn the pipe has a new wall to form a "catch basin" to try to force more water into the pipe and away from the front of the barn and tracks.  Wednesday's storms once again overwhelmed the pipe so it's obvious that the track leading into the barn from the turntable site WILL need some gaps to allow water to flow through.  The track curves from the barn to the turntable site close to the catch basin.  The retaining wall on the north side of the tracks will also help divert water from the barn side of the hill towards the basin.

In front of the barn the concrete pad has been started.  The edging to the tracks has also been installed and soon the rails will be installed and the site ballasted.  Much of the end of the tracks close to the barn will have crossing planks as well.  Once this is completed, the mainline tracks will be extended another 10' each forming the crossing at Telluride but will have to stop short of the turntable site due to a large tree which needs to be taken down in the area.

The road leading to Telluride needs some swails cast into it to divert the water away from the crossing towards the drains near the water tower.

Mainline Work
Out on the mainline, the tracks were leveled and ballasted.  A great deal additional settling has been happening over the spring since it has been so wet.  This is to be expected and each year the ground firms up even more.  The large fill above the lower switchback switch received a great deal of ballast as a 2" deep by 30' long sag in the track was leveled.  RGS #11 with the 4686 and 100 have been out on the road making repairs.

The flooding of the creek over the past month altered the stream 20' up from the lower switchback and washed out part of the retaining wall in this location - a section about 36" long.  New materials have been purchased and is on the 100 flat right now awaiting enough dry weather so the creek will not be so muddy before a new wall reach down below the creek bed up to the track height is built.  The headwater deflection seems to work at the end of the tracks and no washing of the tracks in that location has occurred.  The final 8 feet of track is ready to go down in this location and the 302 gon with the ties is currently sitting on the tracks in this location waiting to be put to work.

Car Barn Switch
When time permits, the new switch will be built and intalled.  It will be placed 20' higher up the hill than it currently is now.  That switch will be removed and used inside the yard.  The OLD parts of the old switch is proving to be troublesome.  The same can be said of the house track which needs its points ground again as the locomotives tend to split the switch whereas the cars do not.

Rolling Stock
The "trash gon" #300 has been stored on the house track and has been cleared out and can be hauled up to Telluride to receive a new floor.  The #301 is also sitting next to the 300 and will need a new floor.  Next to the #301 is the Santa Fe coach which needs to be pulled out and a new roof made.  The last load of materials brought down from Clemmons included the aluminum sheet which we'll use to make a new roof.  New windows also need to be fashioned.  Once this car is sealed up, it can be used for holding all the materials for track building.  Or outfitted with seats for kids to ride but on this railroad, more railroad parts ride the rails than people.  Besides, the beam riding car is in service already.  Last on the House Track is the diesel locomotive frame with all the new rail car frames all waiting to be moved up to Telluride to be turned into real railroad cars.  In the meantime, those frames should be moved into the barn.  The house track and car barn tracks need to be put back into live service so the engine house and car barn can be built.

RGS #10 is on stamdby.  It's parked on Pine Hill siding with the beam car at this time.  It's not that efficient of a locomotive to use hauling the larger loads of ballast, at least until the train air brakes are all on.  The parts are on order and will arrive sometime down the road.  The first air brake controls will be placed on the #11 as it's serving as the road engine more often.  And it has more room for the compressor, reservoir and such.