Monday, March 19, 2012

Quick Update

Well, not much to report over the past 3 months.  The beam riding car has its brakes and is now parked with the #10 on Pine Hill Siding out of the way.  An additional 20 feet of track is down on the lower switchback tail track and the retaining wall along there was extended and back braced.  Only another 10 feet or so of track is left to lay there.  I have been using the pre-cast plastic ties in this area and really like how easy and quick it is to use those.

I have decided to replace the troublesome SPDT switches used in the electric turnouts with a new electrical module I designed which will make the railroad work more like a prototype.  New controllers, signals and such are being built now as I have time.

The biggest project on the books right now is replacing the barn leanto which was collapsing after only a decade because they used poor quality products to build.  The new one is considerably stronger, fully enclosed and larger.  There will even be a track along the retaining wall with a small door for the trains to pass through.  This track will connect to the turntable when that's built.   It is hoped to have the barn's "garage" completed and painted by the end of the month when the specially ordered steel roof will arrive.  Currently tarpaper is being used on the roof.  This roof also used 1" thick plywood so branches will not longer be able to fall and poke holes through it.  And this garage will be a covered location to work on the rolling stock, build track infastructure (turnout switches), etc.  The barn shop will revert to the shop it was meant to be as storage is moved onto the huge number of shelves that will be in the garage.

As part of the rebuilding the barn, the area will be concreted down there and the tracks across the driveway will be extended and concreted as well.  Drainage is still a problem here but I hope more driveway gravel will help until the entire drive up is concreted and all water can be diverted off towards the drainage at the water tower.

Currently RGS #11 is working with the 4686 and 100 (flats) to build the tracks.  RGS 302 which is loaded with ties will be used shortly as the bridge across the creek from the switchback is started as the dirt from the enginehouse and carbarn site is removed.