Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas on the RGS

The RGS has been gearing up for winter operations.  

RGS #11 has been handling trainloads of wood between Telluride and Pine Hill and Pine Hill to Wood Station.

RGS #10 has been handling the passengers out to see the lights on the upper section of track only as the upper switchback turnout switch limiter contact switch has been failing to work and needs to be looked at.  Also, the #10 could not handle a heavily loaded passenger car up the switchback track (especially with my being on the train too.)

RGS #300 awaiting a new floor and #302 fully loaded with ties as well as the old frame of a burned out car.

RGS #10 and flat 4686 recieves wood hauled over from the wood splitter.  2 or 3 wagon loads per flat.
The beam riding car was pressed into service.  After the Christmas lights viewing is over, it wll return to get the lights installed.  (White lights and red lights controlled by a switch on the car to light up behind this car.)

RGS #10 pulls the Christmas train - on the Dogwood Bridge

The Christmas train on the RGS

The Christmas train on the RGS - on the Dogwood Bridge