Wednesday, October 26, 2011

October Update

Fall has began to fall on the RGS.
Dogwood bridge 24-Oct-2011
The tracks were cleared reciently.  No trains have operated over the railroad in about 2 months.

In Ridgeway, by the barn, the next car to undergo restoration is the beam riding car, which is used for passengers.  It is about the safest way to ride on the railroad.  This car has new trucks which will be fitted with air brakes and installed.  The brake cylinder will mount under the steel beam along the center sill of the car.  The valves will be mounted up under the frame on the "B" end of the car.  These valves allow for the brakes to be adjusted to normal train line pressure and a dump valve to release the brakes when rolling it by hand.

The riding car after painting.  It looks a little like a steam engine color scheme with the black and silver.

The seat is sitting on the 4684 flat car on track 1 while the side of the seat structure is on the top of the #11 on track 2.

The seat structure.  Inside this will be mounted a couple electrical boxes.  One will be for to 2 9-volt batteries and the other will have a direction control switch.  Both boxes will have protective covers which keep the weather out.  The power will feed two a red and a white LED mounted on the ends so that it can be used as the front or rear car in a train (headlight and taillight.)

Brand new heavy-duty steel trucks for the car, painted the first coat of black paint to be followed up with silver on the sideframes and blue on the bearings (with the black bolt ends showing through.)  It will allow me to see the wheels turning.
Progress has been slow this summer and fall due to high heat, excessive rains and the tractor oil line system.  Also progressing is the barn lean-to project to replace the rotted roof with a new, stronger structure which will be slightly larger, enclosed and will have a track for equipment along the north wall.