Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Quick update

Just a quick update.  Late summer in the south meant hot and wet weather with several storms dropping several inches of rain.  It made the track soft in spots and knocked a lot of tree "litter" out on the tracks.

D&RGW #4686, the large flat, was next up for polyurethane.  This will protect the car through the winter rigors of hauling wood and rock for the railroad.  The sides I am planning on leaving off for a while to make it easier to load and unload ballast.

Santa Fe flat #100 is back in service.  I have yet to fashion plates for the corners of the car.  But it's behind the #10.

RGS #10 and 11 are both in operating condition and being use to haul wood and build track (as time permits.)  Both locomotives have new batteries as the old ones finally quit holding a charge.

The bridge has been power washed and a new coat of water seal applied.  It sure looks good not being so green!  The bridge battery also failed so I replaced it with a full sized marine deep cycle battery and placed it inside a new battery box which will keep it dry and clean.  Then since the battery was so powerful, I had to adjust the switches.  Also I replaced the "start motor" buttons on the posts as I installed metal cover plates.  (See below.)

Next up is working on the beam riding car which has issues with its trucks.  The car will be repainted and polyurethane applied to the seat.

Also still to do is the ballasting to level the tracks again and complete the end of the switchback's lower tail track.  It did not flood in all the heavy storms we had so I believe it will be fine to complete the work without having to add several additional drains across.

The RGS will be gearing up again to haul the surplus wood to Pine Hill for storage.  I have a great deal of wood to split.  Some of it is still quite green and so I will split it and send it down for seasoning.  The rest will be just dumped at the stove.  No need hauling it around so much until the area near the stove is full.  :-)

Wood Spur in the late summer.

Dogwood Bridge all nice and clean.

Turnout Motor start button housing

Turnout Motor button

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