Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Quick Update

The storms on July 8th dropped about 5" of rain.  Much of Telluride was flooded as since it was the first big rain of the year, all the debris from the fall, winter and spring plugged up the grates of the water drainage pipes.  A great deal of mud washed into the barn's leanto as well.  I'll definately need to add concrete sills to prevent that once it's enclosed.   The rest of the tracks showed no signs of damage.  I do need to get over to the Bridge 2C site and paint the outline of the washed out area for the creek so the bridge will be placed at the optimum location.

As of July 11th, RGS #10 has been returned to active service.  The #11 will be worked on next.  The #10 and 11 were washed and are parked in Telluride awaiting repair work and assignment to a train.

Santa Fe flatcar #100 is currently in the barn getting painted.  The electrical I plan on removing as I decided it's easier to just put batteries at the end of the train to power any end of train lights.  I'll keep the two brake lines in place for the time being (one vacuum, the other air.)  The #100 has vacuum brakes.

Once painting is completed on the #100, D&RGW #4686 will be cleaned and revarnished before returning to work.

The Santa Fe coach I expect to pull out of the House Track and set up for MOW service sometime.  It would be a good place to put the track building stuff other than inside the door of the barn.

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