Saturday, July 16, 2011

July 16th - Progress

Santa Fe #100 is about ready to return to active duty.  The side frames have been painted and a good deal of the underside which needed touchup (it was in good shape) was also painted.  I flipped it back over and polyurethaned the top with a couple coats to protect it from the weather.  I do not have any lettering for it yet so I will return it to service without that for the time being.  I do also need to create and paint the poling pockets for the corners.

D&RGW #4686 was pulled down from Wood Station and pressure washed.  It will also get a nice coat of polyurethane on its woodwork as well.  The sides are in good shape except the lettering is coming off.  The high temps are making them loose and they just curl up and fall off.  I am thinking I will polyurethane over the new lettering on the cars when they get new paint (like the #100) and I apply new lettering - to make them stick better.

The upper section of the Dogwood Bridge (1A) was also pressure washed.  The rest of the bridge will be cleaned tomorrow.  The ties, wooden guard rails and bents were all washed off.  This is in preparation of my spraying them with Thompson's Water Seal this coming week.  This is all part of the normal bridge maintenance cycle.

Photos of these projects are coming soon.

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