Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tower Progress - June 15

The water tower I had a little trouble with.  The plastic backing of the foam is rather slick so when I slid the last board in, it caused the entire wooden part of the tower to become a barrel and slide down.  So I first added more foam around the top and wooden pieces below to hold the wooden siding in place as I put it back on.

One thing I managed to get done is the mortar between the base of the tower and foundation.  I was not too concerned with "look" on the sides which will be hidden by the raised deck area.  It took roughly one 60 pound bag of mortar.  I left 3 corners of the old concrete open so that I can place wooden beams on the tower foundation to support the deck.

I managed to get the wood up there but found that the foam increased the diameter one additional board.  It means the bolts I bought were too short.  But I am not concerned as the wood looks good.  I did have some smaller bolts from the bridge building project which barely held the tank bands in place.  I will get replacements and install them soon to get the wood tight around the foam.

The back of the tower.  The foundation is done but you can see how the wood has slid down.

The tower with the wooden siding slid down.  The foam is actually hardwood flooring underlayment which will prevent bugs from getting in between the metal and wood and to provide great cushioning of the wood.

The drains across to prevent water from backing up against the tower.  I used excess mortar to try to prevent any undecutting.

The gap between the tower and bridge abutment.  This will be spanned by a board which is raised slightly to go over that edge of the concrete and allow water to run off under.

The back of the foundation where the water drains out.

The tower with the wood in place and the tank band somewhat in place.  When the new bolts are installed (5/16" by 5") the tank bands should be nice and tight and I can remove the bungee cord which I left on there just to prevent the top from trying to shift in the meantime.

Ridgeway's water tower and equipment in storage.  The old burned out coach frame is sitting next to the tower and will move to the House Track later (on a flat as it does not roll.)

Next up, plumbing and then the spout which will be made of copper.

Underside of tower with some of the plumbing in place (mainly because the spring connections.)
I installed some steel straps under the tower to hold the pipes in place and to act as a connection point for the return spring of the water valve.  I have additional straps to add to tightly secure the pipes to the tower.

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