Friday, June 24, 2011

Telluride Yard - June 21st, 2011

The yard has been cleared of railroad cars.  The #10 rests alongside the water tower and the #11 rests next to her.  The water tower awaits construction of a spout and the completion of the water system under the shed.  #10 will be heading into the shop next week and the #11 will be getting a tune up this weekend before it begins to handle the roadmaster's train and go out looking for sections of track to level up.

RGS #11 and #10 in the Telluride Yard

RGS #11 and #10 in the Telluride Yard alongside the newly refurbished water tower.

The Telluride track needs a little work too.
Some photos from June 20th with the #10 and water tower.  The #11 was out on the road with the 4686 getting more wood for Wood Station.

Showing the underside of the tower and how the valve works.

The engineer deck for the engineer to get off the locomotive and water and oil around without having to worry about falling off the bridge.

#10 at Telluride

Sunset falls for the day but not for a growing railroad.

Proud old girls,

The engineer deck.  I used old wood from an old wheelchair ramp that was removed and donated to the cause.

#10 awaiting a trip into the shop to get her running again.

Telluide on the Rio Grande Southern R.R. of North Carolina.  (Notice the bridge switch turnout indicator in the background displaying the switch is set to the siding.)

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