Wednesday, June 8, 2011

More work on tower

The concrete for the tower is complete and drying. In a couple days I will remove the forms and get it ready to move the tower over onto the foundation. The sand is sitting nearby to fill the core and hopefully Lowes has restocked their mortar by now. I need more for the tower as well as the retaining wall in the barn which will allow me to redo the lean-to and enclose that space which will give me room to restore equipment and more room in the barn as I move tools into the new "garage space."

Foundation ring for water tower.  The pipes through are obvious.

The foundation ring for the water tower.  The void will be filled in the sand to support the metal legs of the tower.

The water tower, ready to be installed on the foundation when it's ready.

The siding is coming along nicely. The last of the unpainted wood was painted. About 2/3 of the painted siding was painted a second coat and it's quite a bit more glossy now as it dries. A third coat will complete the painting and I should be able to install the siding onto the tower this weekend along with the water system. The spout will have to be manufactured however and it's not that straightforward to build one. But I do not have an operational steam locomotive yet.

The second coat of paint and the siding is a lot shinier.  One more coat of paint to go.

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