Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Track Progress Feb 13th

With nice warmer weather in February, I made progress with the tracks on the weekend of the 12th and 13th. This involved raising and ballasting the 30 feet of track which extends down to close to the lower switchback turnout switch. Each 10 feet of track took roughly 2 carloads of dirt and 2 carloads of ballast to fill and ballast the tracks. The track is not complete as can be seen by the slight sag in the middle but all this will be adjusted after the switch is ballasted and these tracks connected with the missing 10' of track to be built still.

(Click any image to see full sized.)

The track was raised significantly from the carbarn switch on down which decreased the gradient by about 1%.

Some close clearances in there and one tree might have to come out, but only when I need to. The longer it lives, the more wood I get from it.

The House track is full right now. The two gons with ties will be used up on the switchback tail track soon. The dead #10 will be repaired and recoupled to the 302 to haul the rail, tie and tool train while the #11 will handle the wood and ballast trains.

Of course I wanted to empty Pine Hill Siding so I could get the #11 and 4686 in there along the wood pile to make it easier to load and haul it to Wood Station.

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