Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Track building progress

Progress has been slow the past couple months due to the above average snow and rain we have been seeing, most of which occurs on the weekend or right before.

During the winter, the trees are bare and the trackage shows very plainly. Here the lower switch of the switchback on the left and Dogwood Bridge on the right shows. (Click any picture to enlarge.)

Across the valley, the different levels and the grade of the railroad is much more apparent.

The large retaining walls are much more obvious too.

The wooden retaining wall from next to the Car Barn Switch. The repeater signal head is in the middle which shows the aspect of the signal ahead as well as the setting of the car barn switch.

Looking down the fill. About 5 car loads of dirt raised this area and then 3 car loads of ballast has been dumped so far.
Looking up the switchback from the Car Barn Switch.

The House Track's last 20 feet of track was completed as well. Eventually it will connect to the Engine House which would be to my right a little ways.

The equipment has been moved to this track to clear the mainline and Pine Hill Siding so wood can be moved easier. From left to right we have: The steel frames for the new rail cars, Fred's Coach, RGS 300 empty, RGS 10, RGS 301 with ties. RGS 302 with ties and Fred's Flat with new ties.

Next steps is to complete ballasting the switchback and move the rail back onto the roadbed, connect it, ballast and tamp it. Then 10 feet of track will be built and the lower switchback switch will be reconnected and all the wiring rerun. The electrical near the switch will need to be run in conduit under the tracks. The lower switch will not be repowered until the new Bridge 2A is built and put into service.

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