Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Switchback work

With the help of my nieces we raised the retaining walls of the switchback a foot at the bottom and decreasing amounts up the hill. I'll finish those here soon and will get the tracks at the top (down to the car barn switch) ballasted. The tracks below this point have been removed for the grade to be filled in with dirt and then ballasted.

After I repaired some broken tools and added some new tools to use, progress was slow but steady as it took 12 wheelbarrow loads of dirt to raise the 20' of track down at Oak falls (the lower switchback switch there.) Uphill we'll be needing to bring dirt in from elsewhere. The dirt we dug was from the creek lowering it a foot and widening the channel to prevent flooding of the tracks.

Again, once *I* am done working on this, I'll move on to *my* next project as I am the one doing the work.

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