Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ballasting on the Rio Grande Southern

With the construction of the raised retaining walls, the scene has really changed.

First, this is the view of where Bridge 2B will be located where it crosses the creek from the switch across to the other hill. I have decided on a standard of about 250 feet to a "mile" on the railroad so 2B would be the second bridge in this section. 2A is the upper switchback tail track bridge.

The retaining wall at Oak Falls was raised significantly. It is also being lengthened to end at what will be Bridge 2B's abutment.

This is the route of the lower switchback tail track up towards the barn and the creek.

The lower switchback switch was disconnected and relocated another 10' up. It will soon be ballasted.

The raised wooden retaining walls shows how much filling will be required.

The tracks were removed up to above the car barn switch so the ground can be raised. Above this spot it will be filled with ballast alone.

The s-curve on the switchback has been ballasted and will be tweaked after the kinks and dips are removed.

RGS #10 sits on the newly ballasted section of the House Track which leads to the future engine house.

Pine Hill has seen a great deal of work ballasting and leveling.

Ballasting began a couple weeks ago with the delivery of 11 tons of clean #67 washed rock. RGS #11 and flat #4686 was once again in ballast train service. The buckets of ballast come from the pile along the driveway in the back of the tractor and are loaded onto the flat for shipping to the front. I can move 14 buckets total at a time with this rig.
It's a lot of work but good healthy outdoor work.

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