Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Switchback work continues

Spring has Sprung!

Work continues on the switchback track.

#10 works the construction train with flat 4686 and gon 300. Gon 301 is being used for ties in the background.

Looking upgrade on the switchback. The switch will be in the foreground and head down the hill to the left above the creek.

Construction on the Engine House Track will facilitate easier unloading of the ballast for constructon of both the Mainline (switch back) and Car Barn Lead Track which is between the switchback and the Engine House Track. Since this photo was taken, 10 additional feet of track was added to the Engine House Track with plans to add another 10 before resuming work on the lower tracks (easier to unload ballast where there are no trees.)

After all the subroadbed ballast is used up and the tracks are in, a load of clean ballast will be ordered to finish all these and the existing track.


  1. Enjoy viewing your layout.

    I hope to get started this year, not nearly as large as I only have 2 acres...but have grades and creek to deal with too.


  2. Look forward to more progress photo's.