Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Winter on the RGS

Very little was done over the past couple months due to the cooler weather moving in and the RGS shifting it's focus to hauling wood for the water wood stove.

Petey, the Possum Engineer, bringing in the train to Telluride.

Pine Hill and the wood piles

Petey crossing Dogwood Bridge approaching Telluride after shifting some carloads of wood.

The tracks have been taking a beating, not from the heavy trains but from the low temperatures which followed months of excessive rain. Some parts of the railroad is needing retamping and other parts are needing the alignment of the rails rechecked.
RGS #302 is now on the RIP track awaiting a massive rebuild. The 40 year old floor has finally given out and needs to be replaced. The trucks will also be removed and rebuilt with additional bearings to improve performance. Brakes will also be started to be added to the cars. Eventually, the 302 will be returned to service with an air tank for the brakes and valves. The #10 locomotive, #300 and 301 gondolas will also get brakes added to them as they are cycled through their rebuilds. Once rebuilt, they do need to be stored inside so their floors will last as long as possible.

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