Monday, September 14, 2009

Rebuilt tracks in Wood Spur

The trackage near Wood Station on Wood Spur was a problem area since it was built. Locomotive #10 would derail here frequently. When built, since this was a siding I decided to use older, worn rail.

The uphill rail was slightly kinked upwards as well as outwards and the locomotive would climb the rail here due to it's longer wheelbase and because the way the cars before it and behind it would pull it to the side.

The rail was replaced with another straighter rail from the upper joint to a location which had to be cut in the rail below. Also, a second drain was added he due to the amount of water which comes down the hill here. All the ballast and ties in the section were replaced with new to ensure the best alignment through this section.

Later in the day, after this trackage had been put back in service, the flat car with a load of wood derailed on the section just beyond the tree. This past spring and summer two heavy rain storms had washed out some ballast in the location and it needed to be reballasted. At this time I also decided to use another old rail to act as a gaurd rail near the tree to prevent any derailments from going down the hill or into the tree especially, since most loads are pushed ahead of the locomotive to Wood Station.

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