Monday, September 14, 2009

Parts donated for new locomotives

On 11-Sept-2009. Fred Wood graciously donated to the Rio Grande Southern in order from left to right, a hydraulic pump, 48 volt electric motor, 2 hydraulic motors, hydraulic control valve, a large Eaton transmission (fits on an 8HP motor) and two hydraulic distributors.
Ideally, the electric motor will be used first to create an electric "box-cab" locomotive to use on the RGS to move heavy train-loads of wood in place of the #10. The Eaton transmission can power another gasoline-powered locomotive. Or a snowblower / leaf blower which people have suggested I needed for my railroad - mainly for leaves.
The hydraulics I am thinking can be used to control a Jordon Spreader which would be handy to keep the ditches clean (Wood Spur is proof of how fast they fill in.)

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