Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pine Hill (mostly) done.

Pine Hill siding has been raised almost 6" near the trees and lengthened another 5 feet. A new bumper is in place, one that is anchored to the cribbing and not the tracks so the rails should not seperated when hit by a railcar. This siding is mostly level but I want to let it settle a little more before I add any more ballast to it.

The culvert (next to the tree) was raised up as well. A little water might pool up behind but not much. There is no drain between the mainline and this siding so the water will be absorbed by the ballast and run off towards the end of the siding if there is enough water.

Looking up from the end of the switchback's upper tail track. This track will someday be extended using a section of bridge. The track is purposely towards the right so there will be room to walk alongside the stopped train once the railings are in place.

Looking south. The dogs were having fun moving the landscape fabric around. The switchback on the far left will be the next section built (in addition to a section of the engine house track.)

Here's the signal head for the switch. I will probably add another "repeater" which will stick up above the railing near the north switch controller box so the aspect can be read from the far side of the tail since the railing might block the view.

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