Friday, June 19, 2009

Weekend Plans

Well, my plans are ALWAYS changing. But right now, my friend Fred and I will be heading up to Farmington early in the morning on Saturday to move more steel rail for loading until it gets too hot. Then I'll probably work on the bracing for the Vertical Windmill which will keep the battery which will power the Pine Hill Switchback electric switches.
This picture is the frame for that turbine. The wind turbine wheel (painted green - it's green energy afterall) is pictured in the photo from June 17th. The alternator is under the white weather cap and will be driven by belt from a large pulley wheel connected to the turbine. The battery will be mounted inside this frame under the wheel.
On Sunday after church I plan on working on ballasting the tracks down at Pine Hill Siding. The mainline up to the tail of the switchback needs very little ballast so it should be easy to do but the siding needs some adjustment and the tail end needs a lot more ballast, mainly because both are pretty new track. Once completed, then the swithback track will be started. I will also put in a little of the engine house track too, mainly because it is handy to have to switch cars around. And to store the #10 locomotive when it is running again.

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  1. You are so clever and sucha wonderful guy! Love you dear!