Friday, June 19, 2009

Title Picture and other details

Perhaps I should mention a little about the picture under this blog's title. The Rio Grande Southern needs a switch back in the middle of the upper track due to the elevation change. The grade along this creek rises VERY fast. So a 100' long switchback is being put in. That allows for nearly 6' vertical feet of elevation change in the same distance. Since this railroad hauls wood and not passengers, reversing and backing up the hill is not a problem for me.

Also, the railroad has three 1970-era Railroad Supply Company gondola cars (#300, #301 and #302.) The #302 was in the best shape and is outfitted as the engineer's riding car behind the #10 locomotive. The #10 is also a 1970s-era Railroad Supply Company 4 wheel switcher. It has a 4 horse-power engine which is actually a little too much power for the little transmission will get hot after a while. It was built with a 3-hp engine but over the years of service south of Durango, Colorado, it was rebuilt.

(Here the #302 was being used to haul wall stones for building the retaining walls down near Oak falls.)

On the workbench and around the barn are the parts for the big engine, the Rio Grande Southern #20, a 4-6-0 tenwheeler which is about 1/5 full size. It will weigh around 1000 pounds when completed. Currently, it's waiting to get the tender riveted. Once the tender is completed, the locomotive will be put together next. By this time, I hope to have the engine house which will be below the upper track (existing trackage) of the mainline and above this switchback. The upper two stalls will be heated and for locomotives. The lower 3 stalls will be for rail cars.

I am going to talk to another railroad friend about buying a flatcar from him which is a narrow gauge car and will be used with those gondolas to build the railroad.

Once the railroad is built, those gondolas will be retired and put into maintenance of way service, used less, because of their age, construction and that their trucks are worn out.

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