Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Starting this blog

Not much to report. A lot of the railroad has already been built and a lot more still needs to be built. But let me summarize what has been built to date:

Wood Spur (to the outdoor water wood stove.)
Dogwood Bridge (56' long, 4' high with a track turnout in the middle)
Tracks 1 and 2 at Telluride
Mainline from Dogwood Bridge to Pine Hill
Pine Hill Siding
Turnout switch for Engine House track.
Upper switch back tail track
Graded switchback.

Currently I am ballasting the mainline and the tracks through the end of the switchback tail track to set the grade and superelevation. Tracks are not that bad overall, just some settling over the past year.

Then I will put in the switchback middle track which has the carbarn (leanto) track turnout switch in the middle.

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