Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rip rap the bridge

One chore I did this past weekend was put the old hardened bags of concrete down near the footing of bent #2 to protect it from any erosion due to the large floods we have been getting lately. Twice in June we got storms that dumped 2" of rain in short amounts of time.

The pipe outlet under the bridge needed a little rip rap around it as well to protect the footings of the shed as well as to try to steer more of the water out from under the bridge.

Telluride yard was fairly busy. The power turbine for Pine Hill is sitting there waiting for the tower to be completed. RGS #300 and 302 are on ballast duty. The #10 locomotive is still sitting in front of the barn waiting for its motor to be repaired so it can go back to work. This crossing deck is a nice place to work on stuff out in front of the barn.

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